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Please note:

We’re currently piloting Go Renewable in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Bristol and Oxfordshire. Home survey assessors and installers will only be working in these areas until wider rollout.

If you live outside of these areas, you can still use our free, independent online assessment to find out which renewable technologies are suitable for your home.

Review the technologies our assessment should cover

Our assessment will consider all the technologies listed below for your home. If there are any you don't want to include, you can untick them before you continue.

Select the technologies you want our assessment to consider for your home.

All the technologies have been selected by default. If you’re not interested in some of the technologies, untick them and we won't consider them for your home.

If you’re unsure, we recommend selecting all the technologies.

On the following pages, we’ll collect some information about your home that will help to decide which of your selected technologies may be suitable.

You can always add more technologies later.

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Air source heat pump

Ground source heat pump

Biomass boiler

Solar photovoltaic panels

Electric battery

Solar hot water panels

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